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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 16, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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making news in america this morning, new images of notre dame in flames. the world famous cathedral gutted by fire. >> oh, my god. >> the spire collapsing, the roof destroyed. this morning the first pictures from inside the church offering new hope. plus, how priceless artifacts were saved just in time and how long it could take to rebuild. the fight for president trump's finances. democrats issue a subpoena for documents on his business dealings. the search for new connections to russia just days before the mueller report is released. rough seas rescue. the race to save more than a dozen people tossed into the water off florida, desperately
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clinging to their capsized boat. plus, the dog rescued nearly 140 miles out to sea. how this pooch got here. also this morning, refusing to give up. the runner who crawled across the finish line at the boston marathon despite agonizing pain. what kept him going. >> and long shot. we hear from the man who bet big on tiger woods and made over a million dollars. why he knew tiger would win. good tuesday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we want to get right to paris where we're getting our first look at the damage at notre dame cathedral. >> here's a live look at the scene right now. we've learned fire inspectors in safety gear can be seen right there possibly assessing the damage in the light of day. the french government is already asking for international help to rebuild. world leaders are coming together pledging support. >> the fire burned much of the
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roof and destroyed the spire, but several priceless artifacts have been saved. there you can see the image of the spire coming down as onlookers gasped and cried out. one world leader said it best saying, the french people's spirit of liberty, equality and fraternity will never be dashed by flames, but recovering from this tragedy will likely take years. one of the world's most iconic landmarks up in flames. this is the moment notre dame's spire fell. crowds gasping as it came down. american kelly weymouth studying abroad in paris took this video during a sunset cruise on the river seine. >> and you could see the smoke just raising up, and then eventually next to it you could see the flames going up, and eventually the tower came down. it was just very, very crazy. >> reporter: john dickus watched from a balcony as fire engulfed the cathedral. myarer a i we he balnychat t mo
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started crying when we watched that spire fall down. it's just -- you know, it's such like an iconic part of the paris skyline. >> reporter: experts say the church's age and design fueled the flames with its large open spaces and lack of fire protection systems leaving firefighters with few options. the lead roof used to waterproof the church providing yet another challenge. onlookers stunned as the flames tore between the stone vault and the wooden frame. some unable to hold back tears. >> you could really smell that it was old wood that was burning and the heat -- i was 150, 200 meters on the opposite bank of the seine, and you could just feel the heat coming off towards you. >> reporter: the cathedral has stood for 850 years withstanding two world wars and after narrowly escaping total destruction during the french revolution, the battered church was saved by napoleon. it served as a coronation site for kings and a grand tourist attraction with more than 13
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million visitors each year. a reporter with "the daily mail" was one of the first people inside to see the damage overnight. he says the world famous stained glass windows are in, quote, smithereens. firefighters say two-thirds of the roofing is now gone, but the bell towers and facade are intact, and the first pictures from inside the church are offering some hope. rows of wooden pews appear untouched. one image shows smoke rising from the altar. the crosses still standing. here is that altar before and after. a priceless relic that has also been saved this morning the crown of thorns said to have been worn by christ before his crucifixion has been taken to paris city hall for safekeeping. >> the faithful believe that literally this is the crown that the savior was put on his head and that's very much on the location where the fire has happened. >> reporter: the mayor of paris tweeting out this picture of other artifacts saved by a group
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of police officers and city workers who formed a human chain to rescue them. the cause of the fire not confirmed, but the flames engulfed scaffolding from a $6 million renovation project. this video shows statues being removed just last week as part of the ongoing work. authorities are investigating whether a construction worker accidentally sparked the fire, and prosecutors are launching an investigation into the fire even though arson is not suspected. >> president trump weighed in on the tragedy at notre dame tweeting, god bless the people of france. he also expressed concern about the potential damage during a trip to minneapolis. >> the fire that they're having at the notre dame cathedral is something like few people have witnessed. it's one of the great treasures of the world, and it's burning very badly. it looks like it's burning to the ground. >> earlier the president tweeted about the fire saying perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out quickly and must act quickly. in response, the french civil
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defense agency said, quote, all means are being used except for water-bombing aircraft which if used could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral. coming up later this half hour, a closer look at what's next for the cathedral and how long it may take to rebuild. now to the latest effort by house democrats to investigate president trump's business dealings. two committees have now issued subpoenas to financial institutions tied to the president and his family business. abc's serena marshall is in washington with the new details. serena, good morning. >> reporter: janai, good morning. those subpoenas were sent to multiple financial institutions including deutsche bank. now, the house intelligence and financial services committees are hoping to get information on loans the german bank gave to trump and the trump organization. according to "the new york times," deutsche bank has been the only mainstream bank consistently willing to do business with trump and his family businesses. eric trump, the president's son and executive vice president of the trump organization, called the subpoenas an unprecedented abuse of power.
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deutsche bank says it's cooperating with the investigations. in the meantime, the country is now just days away from getting its first look at the much anticipated mueller report. the justice department is expected to release a redacted version of the special counsel's finding on the russia investigation this thursday. now, white house sources say president trump's advisers are concerned that it will have examples of obstruction of justice but the president says he's not worried. janai. >> serena, democrats already upset over redactions in that report. thank you so much, serena marshall, in washington. and president trump now has a challenger for the republican nomination in 2020. the former republican governor of massachusetts, bill weld, has now entered the race. he says both parties are ignoring the american people with their, quote, win at all costs battles. the number of measle cases in the u.s. jumped 20% in the last week. 90 cases have been confirmed for a total of 555 this year. outbreaks have been found in 20 states, but new york has the majority of the cases.
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most are in the ultra orthodox jewish community which is fighting vaccinations. the city has now ordered a religious preschool to close. a lawsuit from parents claimed the city's health emergency declaration is unjustified. time now for a look at your weather for this tuesday morning. no major storms in the eastern half of the country right now, but the next system is expected tomorrow night with severe storms possible from texas to iowa. 41 tornadoes have been reported since saturday across nine states. this as new video from the town of franklin, texas, where dozens of homes were destroyed. at least nine deaths are now being blamed on that storm system and a strong storm in central new jersey nearly cost this utility worker his life when a live wire sparked a fire. his gear prevented him from getting seriously hurt. coming up, one of the most popular attractions on the west coast may be getting much more expensive.
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but first the debate raging after one city paints american flags on its police cars. why critics are demanding that they be removed today. plus, remembering a beloved actress from "the mary tyler moore show." and later the alligator wrestling stunt that landed this
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i'm sorry i'm not very good at jokes. >> that's okay. i guess i'm just really tense about tomorrow. >> this priest is playing golf with this rabbi. >> viewers knew her as georgette on "the mary tyler moore show." five-time emmy nominated actress georgia engel has died. engel also had recurring roles on "everybody loves raymond" and "hot in cleveland." she was 70 years old. for the second consecutive day we have a story about a fatal fall by a college student, this one from a cliff in arkansas.
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authorities say 20-year-old andrea norton lost her footing before falling 100 feet off a hiking trail. she attended a small college in iowa. meanwhile, the student who fell from a clock tower at fordham university here in new york sunday reportedly posted a snapchat video just before falling to her death. none of the other students who were with her will face disciplinary action. the family of a 5-year-old boy thrown off a third floor balcony at the mall of america is expressing gratitude for the outpouring of prayers as we learn more about the suspect. the child is still fighting for his life. police say 24-year-old emmanuel aranda went to the mall looking for someone to kill. he told them he was angry after being rejected by women he approached at the mall. his family says he is mentally ill. the city council in laguna beach, california, meets today to discuss the new paint job on its police patrol cars. the police logo uses the american flag like you see there. critics question whether the flag should be used as a branding device, and some critics claim it could be threatening to foreign visitors
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or could even be viewed as racist, but officials insist 95% of the feedback so far has been positive. lawmakers in san francisco want to make tourists pay to drive down the most crooked street in the world. they're trying to establish a toll and reservation system for lombard street. officials want to charge as much as $10 to drive down the winding road to reduce crowds and traffic jams. a high school student in miami has been arrested for wrestling with a fake alligator. police say the 18-year-old attacked the rubber reptile on display at a mall as part of a social media stunt. he was caught on camera pretending to pin the $3500 alligator in the water. the teen is accused of trying the same wrestling move on his principal. coming up, the dog rescued 137 miles out at sea. we'll show you. also ahead, the inspiring images from the boston marathon. one man refusing to quit. but first when we come back, the emotional toll in paris. a closer look at what notre dame cathedral symbolizes and what it
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panera. food as it should be. we're back now with this live look in paris where officials have announced the fire at notre dame is fully extinguished. you see here the scaffolding and much of the structure still in place, a site many people weren't sure they'd see today. a major donation just announced. bernard arnault is now pledging more than $220 million to help rebuild the cathedral. many in paris say they are in shock after fire gutted one of the world's greatest architectural treasures. >> this morning the emotion is on clear display in paris as leaders begin looking ahead to what's next. a solemn start to holy week in paris. fire ravaging notre dame. worshippers, locals and tourists looked on in horror as flames ripped through the iconic cathedral. as evening fell, crowds gathered with many finding comfort in prayer and song. ♪
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tributes poured in from across the world. the vatican calling notre dame a symbol of christianity in france former fst lady chlebama postedmy aches with the people of france, and one mourner even sketched this image of victor hugo's hunchback hugging his beloved church. >> notre dame cathedral represents wt'most noble, what's most uplifting. >> reporter: but in the midst of the devastation the country's leaders are offering reassurance and hope. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: french president emmanuel macron emotional as he addressed the nation outside the heavily damaged cathedral saying the worst was avoided even if the battle has not been completely won. this cathedral, we will rebuild it. macron also announced a plan to launch a national fund-raising campaign, and actress salma hayek's billionaire husband has already vowed to donate 100 million euros to help with the landmark's reconstruction. we spoke with an architecture professor at the university of notre dame who said the project will be immense. >> reconstruction is going to mean we are going to have to
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remove all those charred areas, clean up all the walls and then actually see which parts of the stained glass, paintings, all of those can be restored and brought backpas uld ta uto ten years and, of course, with two-thirds of the roof missing and the iconic spire destroyed, the famous cathedral will be closed for easter, one of the most celebrated holidays. and many people are posting their memories of the landmark on social media. one woman said she took this picture just before the fire broke out. she wants to track down the man seen playing with his daughter. we have more iconic images of the cathedral on our website, >> an amazing picture there. well, back here at home, a dramatic rescue in the gulf of mexico. 13 people needed to be saved after their pontoon boat overturned in rough seas and strong winds near tampa. body cam video shows the marine unit of the local sheriff's office pulling those people from the water.r crew got to victims attending a blessing ceremony nearby for their own boat.
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and a remarkable rescue here. this dog was found on an oil rig 137 miles off the coast of thailand. the workers think the dog may have fallen off a boat. he's been named boonrod, a thai word that means survivor. golden state lost to the clippers. the two-time defending champs blew a 31-point lead in the second half. it's the largest postseason comeback in the league's history. and the philadelphia 76ers broke a different record in their game. they scored a record-tying 51 points during the third quarter crushing the brooklyn nets. well, up next in "the pulse," some new respect for aretha franklin. also ahead, the long shot that came through. the man who bet on tiger woods to win the masters collects his huge payout and explains why he took the big gamble. plus, the three bald eagles redefining a modern family. plus, the three bald eagles redefining a modern family.
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♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t find out what it means to me r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪ can we just let this play out? ♪ take care, tcb >> go ahead. ♪ sock it to me sock it to me >> it's time to check "the pulse." the queen of soul is getting more respect this morning. >> yes, eight months after her death from cancer, aretha franklin has received a pulitzer prize special citation honor. she's the first individual woman to be recognized for the award. >> the pulitzer board honored lady soul for her indelible contribution to american music and culture, and she is so deserving. >> yes, she is. well, a day trader from wisconsin who is thousands of dollars in debt is now a millionaire all thanks to tiger woods. >> james adducci hit the jackpot in las vegas after betting on tiger to win the masters. he saihe flit sog eculd happen
4:23 am
because tiger's kids were at the course to watch their dad. >> i probably lost some years of life, you know, during that four days, but hopefully the rest is going to be more enjoyable now and it just -- it was really up and down. i've never placed a bet like this in my life. this is the first. >> what's the highest thing you've placed -- >> he bet $85,000 on tiger. he got some of that cash by selling his stock in amazon. >> more on tiger woods' comeback later on "good morning america" including details on his life-changing back surgery. next to the baseball player who helped a dad make good on a promise. >> two little girls are big fans of milwaukee brewers player christian yelich. at a recent game the sisters held this sign that read, yelich, hit a home run, and my dad buys me a puppy. good negotiation skills. >> moments after they posted it on twitter. guess what, yelich delivered hitting a home run.
4:24 am
>> bam. >> and before last night's game yelich hand delivered the puppy. >> adorable. the girls named the dog yeli. one of the sisters has type one diabetes. her family has already been working with the breeder so the dog can detect when she has low blood sugar. this story just keeps getting better. >> i love it, i love it, i love it. what else? >> fabulous. >> what else can we put on this to make it more adorable? >> they were already cute little girls. what more do you need? >> i know, that's true. >> amazing. a blended family of birds is making news in illinois. >> three bald eagles are sticking together to raise three eaglets that just hatched. two males named valor one and valor two are working with a female named star. >> it's actually the second case of what's called cooperative nesting. their first partner was attacked by two other males. the dads' first set of eaglets left the nest two years ago. well, this is fascinating. >> well, i guess it's time for me to move in with you and your husband and raise your son. >> ah, we're good.
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and that provides energy that lasts. making news right now at 4:27, we will rebuild. the vow this morning in paris as images of notre dame cathedral if flames, stun the world. >> overnight, cruise put out the last of the smoldering inferno. we want to take a look at notre dame, where investigators are trying to figure out what happened. >> an international effort is under way to raise funds for reconstruction. we'll have the latest developments on the fire in a live report in a few minutes. >> good morning, everybody, it is tuesday, april 16th. welcome back, mike. >> thanks.
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>> a lot happened. that was sad. i like what i'm hearing. we have some drizzle. this is going to be a morning commute for you.dryer wemts. by the afternoon hours, it will be partly cloudy. upper 60s in our inland areas. here's sue. >> take a look at the golden gate bridge where the roads are slick up over the alt monlt passing. you are down to two lanes in the northbound, they had barrier work overnight. they're in the process of picking that up. to the richmond san rafael bridge, down to one lane, they are doing that emergency road repair. so far, conditions are light.
4:29 am
>> thank you, sue. again, we'll have more on paris in just a mant. fir -- minute. if you are seeing people on their cell phones around san jose. your eyes are not good morning there are a lot of distracted drivers. it's scary stuff. >> reporter: we seen people signature looking down, doing one of these at the red light. we have been out on the roadways, so far so good. researchers found san joseans are up 7% from last year. that's more than they were distracted in san francisco and oakland combined. the study by san francisco bay's road safety data analytic firm,
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then drive. across the board, they found that distracted driving increased in every


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